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Amethyst roll - good for headache and stressed, hormonal skin

This amethyst stone is from Brazil, where the finest crystals of the highest quality are found.

Amethyst has a general cleansing effect and is good for headache and stressed, hormonal skin.

The amethyst face roller is used to stimulate the microcirculation and the muscular face and for facial acupressure and lymphatic drainage. It is a form of facial exercise that can also be used preventive.

When you strengthen the microcirculation of the skin, you strengthen the cellular tissue and after a while, you will notice the tightening effect. Your skin also gets more glow from the increased blood flow.

The stone is cold and has a calming effect on the nervous system, but if you need a quick up before going out the door, put it in the fridge before use.

Use it both morning and evening on a clean face. Using the face roller after applying your serum or facial oil will help the product absorbing better. Roll for approx. 5-10 min. including the neck. The small end of the roll is perfect for the eye area and around the lips.

Clean the face roller with a damp cloth.

Watch a video about how to use it below.


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